window tinting

time to get tinted

We offer HP Film from PremiumTech. PremiumTech is part of the I.W.F.A.

(International Window Film Association) and prices the local competition can't beat. All that with a lifetime warranty? (w/ computer cut) Why go anywhere else?

custom exhaust

rumble for your ride

Our custom exhaust systems are the best in the area. With over 25 years combined experience, your sure to get the sound your looking for. We listen closely to what "kind" of sound your after, then suggest the right combination to fit your needs.


Audio & performance

Whether your looking to increase the speed or increase the volume, we've got your covered. With literally hundreds of thousands of parts to choose from, you'll be sure to what your looking for. Everything from car audio to general speed and style!

Window Tint Prices

    Any 2 or 4 Door car: $100
    Any van or SUV: $140
    2 front windows: $50
    Front windshield strip: $25
    Lifetime tint removal voucher: $50
    For all other prices please call as vehicle makes and models may incur price adjustment. Certian conditions and restrictions apply. Please iquire within or call for any info!

Exhaust Prices

    Single Truck exhaust system: $200
    Dual Truck exhaust system $300

    Price includes all piping from the cat-back, muffler, chrome tip(s) and labor

    All prices shown are the starting price. Please be advised price may change due to vehicle specifications and modifications needed to complete the exhaust.

Latest News

  • MAY 18, 2010
    Recently added thousands of performance parts, accessories and car audio.

  • MAY 1, 2010
    Recently added custom wheels and tires. Thousands of rims and tires at rock bottom prices!