our standards

When you talk about a company's standards, what does that mean exactly? To most companies, especially in this industry, that means maximizing profits. That is simply not the case with us.

Having a customer leave with a smile, completely satisfied with the work that was just performed is our main goal. For every happy customer will recommend the shop to another, every unsatisfied customer will tell 10 about his journey.

That's why we are committed to brining you only high quality parts, labor and service at low cost pricing. We have been in your shoes before and we will always keep that in mind. It's our pleasure and privilege to work on your car, not our right.

the best service at the best price
  • "You pay for what you get" is their way out of honesty.
    The competition is stiff, but then again, so are their prices. If a shop in this industry has told you "you pa for what you get", that's their way of getting out of honesty. We are up front and most importantly honest about what we do. We don't give you the run around to increase our profits. We are only after what your after - great service at a great price.

  • Most places just don't listen to the problem.
    In this business there are a lot of companies who simply do not listen. They don't listen to what the customer wants. They don't listen to what the customer is willing to pay. They certainly don't listen when something is wrong. Here at Micro-Edge, we not only listen but go out of our way to provide you with the results your looking for at a fair price.

Short Company Profile

15 years ago we started tinting at another local window tint shop. After learning the skills and getting fed up with watching people get ripped off by the owner, we decided enough was enough. After bouncing around a few location in the area we settled here in Glen Burnie to offer people the kind of car shop everyone was asking about but wasn't then available.

From opening day we had one goal in mind. To beat everyone else's price and do a better job at the same time. That meant less money for more work. But it paid off, because now we can offer those same low prices with the skill and knowledge most of the competition is certainly lacking. We don't mind that the competition is still around, it only makes us look better day by day!

Why Choose Us

  • Price isn't everything
    But let's be honest, it certainly helps! We offer the lowest prices in town. A long time ago we decided charging different prices for 2 door and 4 door cars was simply ripping people off. We set out to stop that and 15 years later, we are still out saving the day.
  • We back it up
    These days a warranty doesn't mean much. Unless your talking about a lifetime warranty. that means if something is wrong, we'll fix it - for life!