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Micro-Edge Window tinting is your one stop shop for all your tint needs. Whether your car is a classic throwback, or a show room beauty, Micro-Edge window tinting has the sun protection you need. With over 20 years combined experience, we not only have seen it all, we have DONE it all. Using only the highest quality films available on the market, we ensure you'll get the job done professionally and quickly.

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  • These days if you want reactions and testimonials about a company, you check their reviews online. Now some places around town don't want you to read their reviews. Some have even gone as far as putting bad reviews under our good name. We say - let em talk! We encourage people to put up their comments and idea's on the google maps page. (located on our contact page) this gives people the opportunity to read all the nice reviews and allow them to see REAL comments from REAL customers!
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Actions speak way louder than words

A lot of shops in the are would use gimmicks, catchy sayings, and smooth talking to get you in the door. At Micro-Edge window tinting, we prefer to use the lowest price in town and let the quality speak for itself. With 99% of our business coming from either repeat customers or referrals from repeat customers, it's no wonder we have the great reputation we do!


  • With over 25 years combined talent in this industry, we really have tinting down pat. There isn't a car out there we haven't seen and rarely a window we haven't tinted. We listen to the customer to find out their needs with window tinting. Since we have a wide range of suppliers, film types and shades - we can offer the right film to fit your application. All film comes with a lifetime warranty that covers: bubbling, peeling, cracking and fading. All of these benefits and only $100! You wont find a better deal with better service than here.

Not just tint

Having your windows tinted can be great, unless you have one of those few cars with a large rear matrix. This is that large section at the top of the back window that window tint just doesn't seem to stick to. So we have come up with a great way to have your tint and matrix to! We use a high quality black vinyl sticker to cover the matrix from the outside. This means you get a professional looking rear window with out the hassle of leaving a section out, or worse having your tint droop down in the rear seats. Prices and conditions vary please call for more information.

Home and Business

    Not only do we excel in tinting vehicle windows, but we also can apply the film to commercial and residential windows as well. No office is too big and no house is too small. Giving you the same great service and quality you've come to expect from our automotive line, we also carry architectural films as well. These specially designed window films range from security film to design work as well. If your office or home is just too hot from all that sunlight glaring in, let us tame that energy bill by covering your windows in quality window film.