Wheels & Tires
  • Rubber meets road
    Chances are you'd like to get some new wheels and tires on your car. If you can afford it that is. Well, here's your chance, not only to get the rims and tires you want at a great price, but we can even mount, balance and install them for you!
  • We carry all the major brands and styes. Most can delivered to our door in 24 hours! With such a wide selection of rims, tires, mud grapplers, trail rated, all terrain, economy, and anything in between to satisfy your driving desires,

one place - all the parts
  • Aftermarket performance
    If you like speed, you'll find everything you need here. We handle all major and minor performance upgrades with ease. All work is performed by professional installers with years of training. We also specialize in truck lift kits, brush guards, stack, stepbars, and all of your offroad needs!

  • Mobile Electronics - The sound you crave...
    Everything from the top names including Pioneer, Kicker, JVC. We install it all - head units, amps, sub woofers and alarms/remote starts. Installation prices do no include install kits. (wiring harness adapters, dash kits, etc.)

  • HID's - Turning night into day.
    With our HID's, you can finally get the bright white headlights you wanted, without the usual high cost. Power Amper HID's are high quality lighting backed with a 6 month warranty (baring no physical damage).

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Price List:

    HID Kits (Installed): $150
    Single DIN radio install: $50-75
    Double DIN radio install: $100-150
    Coaxial speaker install: $50/pair
    Component speak install: $25/pair
    Sub woofer wiring install: $25
    Amp wiring install: $75-100

    This is a just a few of the services we offer. Please understand that wheels and tires have many options, sizes and styles so pricing absolutely varies. Please feel free to call to clarify and questions you may have. about parts and/or services